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Obsolete format of vendor daemon line DAEMON

Question asked by boris@cri on Nov 9, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2015 by boris@cri

The license file I received from Mentor Graphics contains vendor daemon line with DAEMON keyword. It is obsolete and even not mentioned in the latest License Administration Guide for 11.13.0. Current format requires keyword VENDOR.

The problem is that old format does not allow to specify fixed port which I need to specify to communicate over firewall. The fixed port option exists since at least ver.7. The mgcld I received with software reports to be ver.11.1.1. Needless to say specifying "port=" after path to the daemon had no effect. I tried to replace keyword DAEMON with keyword VENDOR. It did not gelp either.

Does anybody know if new mgcld ver. can take a fixed port to work through?

Do I need a new license file for that or I can just modify existing file?