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TI says: HyperLynx is NOT good enough for DDRx Timing Verification!

Question asked by oscar.martinelli on Nov 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2015 by patrick_carrier

Dear All,

i have just realize that TI choose to not giving their DDR controllers AC timing specifications. Their IDEA is to provide customers a series of rules and constraints to follow and... that's it.

As an SI engineer, of course, i am not happy, of this kind of approach.


Furthermore they give me a link to their blog where TI support are saying to customers that Hyperlynx+IBIS models are not good for judging timing margins.


I don't think that what they are saying and their conclusions are correct. I think also that there is a very tight link between SI and Timing analysis. I would really appreciated your thought on this matter.


This is the link to the TI public BLOG discussion:


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