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    unknowingly set someuser name and password for vesys, now unable to unlock the design


      Hi all,

      1. I was trying to create user name and password  for VeSys, on my laptop so I went to Tools -> Edit user.

      2. Then I clicked on  new and entered system1 as user name and password ( “single signon”) kept default as we can not change it .

      3. Then , I had checked in the Designer and Librarian boxes but not Administrator box.

      4. Further,  I clicked on Ok and closed the design.

      5. After all of the above steps, when I am trying to reopen the tool with the provided credientials, it shows the error message as mentioned below:

      6. I am not able to open the tool at all. Please help me in unlocking the design. Expecting your reply asap.

      Please find the attachment.