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    DXF Export of Bottom Assembly Drawing has a Text Offset


      I'm trying to export a DXF drawing of my assembly outlines and reference designators. For the top side this works fine. On the bottom side all reference designators have an offset. They are starting at the position where they should end.


      At first it seems he is trying to mirror the text on a Edge.


      But now I tryed all combinations of different text origins, text mirror checkbox & export mirror checkbox enableing and the result is allways the same.


      There must be another option.


      Is there an alternative to export am assembly drawing?


      I'm using X-ENTP VX.1 Update 14

      Regards, Michael

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          Hello Michael,
          Are you using the DWG Viewer?

          I did find the following information that might help:


          This seems to be an issue with DWG viewer, if file is opened first time in DWG Viewer, there is a offset for text.

          However copy/paste same file and opened new-one in another DWG Viewer window, there is no offset.


          Does this help you?


          A different option could be to export IDF or even PDF, but it depends which system you are looking to interface to, and what you want to do with the data when it gets into this system.


          Best regards



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            No I'm not using DWG Viewer.


            But I was wrong. Unchecking the mirrored check box and setting the text origin to center is solving the problem.


            But the DFX export is not noticeing the test property changes while the export window is still open. That is why I was not seeing any differences in the output.


            Anyway it is strange behavior to not get what I see when using dxf export.


            I do not think it is a problem of the dxf viewer. I'm using SpaceClaim to test the output. But I will look to check a second tool.


            And I will have a look on the IDF.