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How to start the PCB DESIGN (after finished schematic in DxDesigner) with Expedition PCB? // I get ERROR "Can't import layout template."

Question asked by on Dec 10, 2015


I want to start the PCB design (I use Expedition Enterprise 7.9.5) and therefore click on the tool "Expedition PCB"(in DxDesigner). The "DxDesigner to Expedition PCB" window opens.

I have to choose:

a) central library (is already chosen and shown greyed / locked)

b) select template

c) PCB directory (already chosen, but I can make changes)

After selecting my template and PCB directory I click OK and I get the following error: "Can't import layout template."


What could be the problem?

Which rules do I have to follow, to make sure the template can be imported?

What are the interactions between Central Library, Template and PCB Directory? Can there be incompatibilities between them? Makes ist a difference, where the Central Library is located and where the Template is located?

I designed my own template in the folder " 7.9.5EE \ SDD_HOME \ standard \ templates \ PCB \ Central Library \ templates \ layout \ 4 Layer Template \" . I did it using the "layout template editor" in the "Library Manager". I copied a 4 layer template and edited the template in Expedition PCB and saved it. Before the PCB window, there comes a selection window where I can choose Pinnacle, Ascent LX or Ascent. I chose Pinnacle. But what do these options mean?


Maybe I have to do something to make the template accessable for the "Expedition PCB" ? What are the standard rules for this to note?


It would be nice, if you could describe me, if this is the right way to make a template, or I did something wrong.


Maybe I should use following method to create new PCB design? :



Invoking Expedition PCB

  Use the following steps to invoke Expedition PCB software and create a new PCB design file:


  1. Select Start > Programs > Mentor Graphics SDD > Layout > Expedition PCB to invoke Expedition PCB software (if not already invoked). The Expedition PCB window appears.

  1. Click File > New; the Job Management Wizard appears.

  1. Click the Browse icon on the Job Management Wizard and browse for the following source project filename:


  1. Click Next; the software creates a new PCB source project filename (gate_test.pcb).

  1. Select 4 Layer Template in the Job Management Wizard and click Next to advance to the next dialog box.

  1. Click Finish to accept the default settings.

  1. Click Close to exit the Job Management Wizard dialog box. 




Thank you in advance.


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