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    How to do "Layer Map" by name




      In SVRF, "LAYER MAP" could be used to map layers from GDS input to Calibre layer numbers, such as:




      where "1" is the original layer number in GDS input. However, this layer has its original layer name as well (e.g. 'poly'). Is there any way to do layer map by this name? Such as:


      LAYER MAP 'poly' DATATYPE 0 10



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          The layer names are applied after the mapping so we can only use numbers for mapping. I wonder if it would be enough for you to use something similar to an alias capability in case you just need to use a different name. If that sounds interesting you could describe a little more about what the desired end result is and maybe we could come up with something helpful.

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            Yes I think an alias capability should be good enough. In my case, the input GDS file has a different layer order (but the same layers) each time I perform simulation on it with the SVRF script. Thus I have to call a Perl script to reorder the layers in SVRF. Something such as:


            LAYER MAP 'poly' DATATYPE 0 10


            will be perfect for me if 'poly' can be recognized from the original GDS layout as a layer name.


            Thank you very much for your answer!