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how do i find the X Y location of where the cursor snaps to?

Question asked by james.dickson on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2016 by james.dickson


I am trying to write a script for expedition that uses motionGfx and events to draw objects on the screen. I want to use it with the snap points on an object when the hoover snap is turned on, but event commands such as

     _OnMouseClk(button, flags, dx, dy)

i think only returns the mouse position, not the snap location.

I noticed you can use command like .MotionGfxPutLine(....) with epcbMotionGfxPointType set to epcbMotionGfxPointMoveXY will snap to the snap location, but i don't think there is any way to return that position.


Is there anyway to return the location of the currently highlighted snap point?