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Standard library configuration without DxDataBook  (#How to configure  #How to place parts to schematic #How to prepare for forward annotating to PCB)

Question asked by on Dec 17, 2015
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I would like to use a standard library configuration as shown in the text below (first red rectangle). Is this configuration working with the CL View tab in DataBook?

How does this standard library configuration work?


I only can find information about DataBook configuration (second red rectangle) with an ODBC DataBase, but not how to work without DataBook.


Is making a live verification mandatory (as in Databook)? I can click the live verification tool, but all components are flagged (yellow, red, question mark). I am not sure but I think a verification is only for DataBook with ODBC DataBase?


For Expedition PCB I usually need a schematic which has successfully run some checks + packager. Which checks would I need?


I really can't find the required information in the documentation etc.


Thank you for your help.