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TH comps silkscreen defined

Question asked by c44dd0a4-1c1e-81a7-0100-014eddcd2332 on Dec 20, 2015
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I defined silkscreen pin text by UserDefinedLayer, because I want

to cancle the silkscreen Outline while generating the gerber file.


in TH components we have a problem.

we place the silkscreen in component mount around the comps outline

and in the opposite component mount the silkscreen is near the pins.


when we place the component on the bottom side of the board

the silkscreen layer is not changing display according to the mount side.


How to define silk PinUserLayer  to be changed the display in TH component-

according to the mount side?


if I use the Silkscreen UserDefineLayer  I dont have the options to change display Layer to silkscreen Mount or Opposite.


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