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What do Calibre termination codes mean???

Question asked by dontpanic on Jan 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 19, 2016 by dontpanic

Hello all!  I recently updated my PDK, and now everytime I run a DRC or an LVS I get the following message at end of the Calibre Interactive transcript, in red letters:


*** Calibre finished with Exit Code: 1 ***


I don't remember seeing this message with the old PDK version, so I tried to search in the documentation what this exit code mean, but was unable to find any information. Could somebody please refer me to where the various Calibre exit codes are explained?


(Note: of course, I'd like to know what code 1 particularly means, but I also would like to know what all the other codes mean, for future reference!).


Thanks in advance for any help.






P.S. I'm using Calibre v2014.4_28.20.