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Create dynamic DRC run directory

Question asked by rachel.spykerman on Jan 29, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2016 by kim_godshalk



I'd like to create a dynamic named DRC run directory when loading Calibre Interactive. For example, a run directory output folder with the following naming format:


I currently source a runset file before opening Cadence Virutoso and Calibre Interactive GUI. When the Calibre interactive GUI opens, I'd like the DRC Run Directory to have the above format (and have this set in my runset file). I am unsure though how to grab the layout viewname in the runset. Is there an environment variable that captures the view name? Or is there another workaround I can use to achieve a directory name like this? My current runset using the following setting:


*drcRunDir: cal_drc


So I'd like the outputs to go to "cal_drc/<layoutviewname_date>" rather than just <cal_drc>


I am currently using Calibre Interactive v2015.4_24.16.


Thanks for the help,