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    Setting up a PC to run a 2-Tier AND 1-Tier setup of VeSys.


      I was informed it was possible to set up a PC so that a user could Run a 2-Tier Setup pointing to a common Database (on a server) shared by other users AND also set up a 1-Tier installation of VeSys so that the User could also work Independently (but NOT concurrently) of the shared Database.  This would be for confidential reasons some projects need to be local to the Engineering group using that PC.


      From the instructions given I wrote the following procedure, but it does not seem to work.  Has anybody else done this Setup and if so how was it made to work?  I need to get this working ASAP.  Thanks for your Feedback.




      VESYS  -  Setup of Tier 2 and Tier 1 on same machine


      • Server1 will be referred to as 2-tier manager
      • Server2 will be referred to as local manager/database


      STEP 1:

      Install Tier 2 Manager as normal on server location.

      Change the Port Numbers from default (49902 / 6) to something different eg: 49910 / 11

      Important: Ensure a Client can connect to this 2 Tier DB Server

      Make a copy of the clientprop.xml from the Tier 2 system


      STEP 2:

      Install Tier 1 on the Client Machine as normal

      Set the Client Machine Services to Manual so that they do not Auto Start on power up.

      Take the copy of the clientprop.xml from the Tier 2 system and rename it “server1_clientprops.xml

      Place this in the local Client Machine    C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\config

      Rename the clientprops.xml for the Tier 1 system to “server2_clientprops.xml


      STEP 3:

      You can then create two shortcuts to launch the respective VeSys installations;  (not 100% sure where this switch should be entered).

      1.  C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\bin\VeSys.exe –clientprops=server1_clientprops.xml

      2.  C:\MentorGraphics\VeSys\bin\VeSys.exe –clientprops=server2_clientprops.xml


      Remember, before launching the ‘Server2’ executable you will have to Start the Manager Service and Close it down once you have completed working in this mode.

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          I should clarify that I CAN get it working with two separate installations of VeSys, one installing the standard (1-Tier) setup and a second installation to a different location with Custom install for just the Design & Harness (2-Tier), the 2-Tier database is installed on another PC on the network.


          What I would like to achieve is 1 installation and use the configuration files to control two separate shortcuts on my desktop. If not I guess I'll have to stick with the 2 separate installs.


          Picture of both running together at the same time: