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How do I prevent components from being unrouted in Pads Layout during library update

Question asked by larry.gronmeyer on Feb 4, 2016
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This may be an easy question, but it is causing us fits.  We are using DxDesigner VX.1 and Pads Layout VX.1.



We recently had a board almost completely finished and ready for a final review.  As librarian, I modified the silkscreen on an IC so that the Pin1 marker was a label and not a graphic (so we can move it in the layout).  When my board designer did a forward annotation to update the library, the IC was ripped up along with all the routed tracks and was left with a rat's nest.


Why?  Nothing changed in the part that would require a reroute.  We've tried gluing the part and protecting all routes.  Neither works.  There has got to be a way to do this without losing a day's work everytime.


BTW, we are new to PADS.