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VX1.x: move trace on 45° corner like the way 7.9.x

Question asked by markus.fischer on Mar 30, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2016 by herbiemama

I hope I could explain my Probleme the way you could understand. I'll try ;-))


The Funktion to move a trace on a 45° Corner changed from 7.9.x to VX1.x

At 7.9.x you select the 45°-trace and only this trace will move. The selected trace change the lenght and the 2 traces linked on the Ends will only change their lenght but the Position is fixed. The imaginary Corner (intercept Point of the 2 linked traces) will be the same, only the chamfer changed

At VX1.x the selected 45°-trace and the 2 linked traces will move. So, the whole corner will change the position. The lenght from the 45° trace will be the same. The 2 linked traces will move also and their lenght will Change. That means, the imaginary Corner will move and the chamfer is fixed.

If there are pads, vias ore something else on side the linked traces, the 45° trace could not be move


Is their any checkbox to switch between these two funktions?

Is my explanation to puzzling?


Thanks for any Information


Best regards