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    Difference between property and attribute?


      Is there are difference? Or is attribute the deprecated name for a property?

      For example, in the PADS Schematic Design Users Guide, PADS VX.1.2 document PKG_TYPE is referenced as both an attribute (pages 300-302) and property (page 103).


      Is there a glossary of xDxDesigner terms as a standalone document or in the DxDesigner documentation? I couldn't find one for DxDesigner although the PADS Layout ref guide has a glossary at the end. I did find a dated Mentor glossary document, Mentor Graphics Glossary, Software Release B.1, Part No. 059337 at  http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~sohi/cs552/Handouts/MentorDocs/mentor_graphics_glossary.pdf

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          The confusion in terminology is historic, in earlier versions of DxDesigner from pre-iCDB versions the term 'Attribute' was used to describe these, when we moved to the iCDB based database we adopted the 'Properties' used by the Xpedition PCB tools, and this terminology was adopted across the PADS flows as well. But people tend to use them interchangeably. There is a glossary shipped with the documentation set: The DxDesigner/xDX Designer  Properties Glossary, the PDF version of which is the attr.pdf :-)

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