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    3D-Experience with 3D-mouse?


      Hello altogether,


      did any one of you have experience with a 3D-mouse for the 3D view at XpeditonPCB or the Cell Editor?

      I'am useing the 3D space mouse from 3Dconnecion because my colleagues with the catia System use them an they are  pleased.

      The Funktion with Xpedition is almost perfect. Only the setting of the movement-Speed will fallback to Default every time I open a Project or Close (not only change to 2D) and reopen the 3D-view. It's not a no-go for the use of the 3D mouse but I think this is an bug.


      How do you use the 3D view?


      Best Regards


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          I did really like separating the 3D view control (space mouse) from the selection (normal mouse).  It seems like it would become very productive if I could get more hours of seat time.  However for me since I am an infrequent user, I could not get enough hours using it to get comfortable.  As for using it for only the Cell Editor (librarian role), I don't know if the use cases specific to mapping and aligning would justify it's usage.


          Sorry I was not much help,


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            Hi Markus,

            I recognize the speed-reset issue, if I check the Speed settings bar at the 3D Mouse properties after opening another project, it has my altered setting but it is ignored by xPCB. (I'm using VX1.1 update 9)

            As for this idea it would be a great benefit to use the 3D Mouse pan/zoom function for the PCB design and Cell design. I notice myself reaching out to my 3D mouse each time to pan and zoom while editng cells or working on a PCB design.

            For PCB design you can use Drive and Follow 2D view (3D Display Control settings) which will help (of course you need the 3D View license).



            Jeroen van den Broeke

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              We are not able to reproduce the speed-reset issue ourselves with VX.1.1 update 9.


              I understand your request to have the 3D Mouse operation on the 2D view.  Please open up an IDEA on this request so we can get other customers to vote if they feel this is something we should prioritize as a general request.