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    Could not find Symbols or foot print for my required part number


      Hi Gray,


      Its nice working with mentor tool.


      I am using pads Vx.1.1 and for part quest am using "PADS Netlist with xDX Databook". My part quest is working fine in terms of  download, finding components etc. But i face problem like , if i give any part number (Example Say 598-8180-107F led green from Dialight, MSTBA2.5/8-G-5.08 from Pheonix Contact)  i could get only csv file, not the symbol or foot prints. Most of the component has the same issue. I don't know whether am following the correct procedure. As per my project only symbol is much required not foot print . please guide me in this process.


      Let me give you some part number where i am not getting symbols.

      Part Number:

      BZG03C56TR3 - Vishay, 598-8150-107F - Dialight, MSTBA2.5/3-G-5.08 - Pheonix Contact.

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          Only parts with this symbol PQ ADI symbol smail.jpg next to the product photo have both a schematic symbol and pcb footprint supplied.  As you have observed the part properties are downloaded for all parts.


          Here's what I do for similar designs.

          For the LED, there are standard schematic symbols provided by PartQuest, select choose symbol and choose the LED diode and download the part and run Tools Import PartQuest parts to add the part and symbol into  the PartQuest database.   If you require a footprint, PADS supplies many footprints which you can browse in the schematic using the PADS Decal Browser.  I then use Microsoft Access or MDBPlus(freeware) to add the footprint name into the PartQuest database file PartQuest.mdb in the PKG_TYPE column.


          For the Connector, I also need to manually create, or select an already created schematic symbol and add the symbol name into the Symbol field found in the PartQuest database file PartQuest.mdb


          PartQuest.mdb is found in your wdir probably C:\Pads Projects\PartQuest\PartQuest.mdb