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Could not find Symbols or foot print for my required part number

Question asked by lithness on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Gary_Lameris

Hi Gray,


Its nice working with mentor tool.


I am using pads Vx.1.1 and for part quest am using "PADS Netlist with xDX Databook". My part quest is working fine in terms of  download, finding components etc. But i face problem like , if i give any part number (Example Say 598-8180-107F led green from Dialight, MSTBA2.5/8-G-5.08 from Pheonix Contact)  i could get only csv file, not the symbol or foot prints. Most of the component has the same issue. I don't know whether am following the correct procedure. As per my project only symbol is much required not foot print . please guide me in this process.


Let me give you some part number where i am not getting symbols.

Part Number:

BZG03C56TR3 - Vishay, 598-8150-107F - Dialight, MSTBA2.5/3-G-5.08 - Pheonix Contact.