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Export Verilog Stop Level

Question asked by jwegman on May 20, 2016



I am attempting to export a verilog netlist from a schematic in Pyxis 10.5.4.  The schematic is very simple and only contains symbols which themselves have their own verilog netlists.  When attempting the export, I get the following error (amongst other similar errors):


*** error *** : The default model selection 'VERILOG=verilog' cannot be found in an NCF.

                 The closest matching NCF item is 'SYMBOL'. Line: 4 File: /opt/mentor/tutorial/Pyxis_SPT/ic_reflibs/tech_libs/generic13/symbols/nmos/@ncf.dir/nmos.ncf


This is because the netlister is diving down below the symbol's netlist and looking at the devices that make up the circuit which the symbol is representing.  How do I tell the netlister to stop at a level at which there is a verilog representation of a circuit?