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Boardsim simulation crashes

Question asked by g.giannopoulos on May 26, 2016

Hello everybody,


I have been trying to simulate a board using .ibis models for the 74LVC125 IC.

The model that I am using is provided by Texas instruments (attached sn74lvc125a.ibs).

This file includes three models based on the VCC voltage, 1.8V, 2.5V and 3.3V.


The 1.8V model works fine, but the other two crash when I am trying to use the batch simulation.

It seems to start normally and then freezes at 25% completion.

I also used a model provided by NXP (attached lvc125a.ibs) and I have the same problem.


Does anyone else have the same problem?

Could this be model specific or is there something that I should check and configure?


Your help is appreciated,

George Giannopoulos