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looking for xDX - Project Close / Closing Event

Question asked by fuba on May 31, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by fuba


I am looking for a Event which gets fired when I am closing the complete Project.

I found Events when

  • Closing a Schematic Sheet / Schematic Page
  • Closing / Shutting down xDX Designer


has someone here found something like this ?

Maybe it is undocumented, maybe I have overseen it. I tried all promising Events

listed in the Documentation, but none of them get fired when I close the whole Project.


I mean I can create a workaround, that when I like to query something from the

project, I check, if the object reference is still valid, but having an Event, would make my

whole project more simple with an event like Project Open / Close / Closing.