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    line sim via 3d modeling


      I modeled a differential via in line-sim using 3D via modeling



      while viewing 3D model it manually assigns ports as +1,-1,+2 and -2

      Are these ports correct why it is not assigned as 1,2,3,4 like in board-sim.

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          the via wizard from linesim uses in release 9.2 with ie3d as 3dsolver differential ports instead of advanced extension ports. In a second step the hyperlynx t-plane solver was used to calculate the common mode characteristics. The two were combined to generate the resulting 4 port single ended model.

          There have been of course some limitations of this aproach but overall it receives better and faster result compare to 4 ports native in HL3D. And time to results is for those time consuming simulations beside accuracy a critical area.

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            HI ROCCO

               Actually what we ask is whenever we export the 3D area from Port creating wizard we got 4 ports name like 1 to 4 as well as we are able to choose the reference plane whether it is upper or lower that only name in negative like(-1,-2) but in the linesim 3D via extracting .we got  ports  like 1,-1 2,-2 why which is like this please explain it.






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              The model which is created from linesim contains two differential ports (1,-1) and (2,-2). As a result you get a differential mode s parameter with two ports. In post process this is used to calculate a single ended 4 port model. This process has some limitations compared to setting up geometries inside mgrid including full access to various port types.


              The linesim solution with integrated access to the 3D solver solution is intended to expand the accurately covered bandwidth of the linsim via models in the range of 10Gbps+. No additional license is needed for this but it has limitations. For full access to all modelling capabilities like port wizard and others a separate 3D solver license is required.


              Does this answer your question?