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    Minimum Nucleus Complie size


      Hello all,,

      New to Nucleus through the innovate program.

      In learning the Sourcery IDE and RTOS, and trying to complie some simple programs, but they all come out huge, 600Kb, bigger then RAM size of my Hitex development board NXP LPC4350.


      All I'm trying to do is make basic program with; kernel + USB HOST + USB Device +" hello world", next would be blinky.


      Previously when developing using ST and Keil, a simple blinky came out (with both USB host and device (not OtG)) was about 64Kb.


      Any thoughts what i'm doing wrong, and why my simple program is so huge?


      Thanks for the guidance.

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          There is a section of the Nucleus Kernel Guide that gives some tips/settings for lowering the kernel size.  Most likely, though, it is the USB components that are raising the code footprint.  Unfortunately, there are no "out of the box" settings or methods to lower the code size for the USB component at this time.