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DxDesigner Visual Basic Studio 2015 Example.

Question asked by bem on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2016 by Patrick.Cashman

Hello All,


I am new to DxDesigner (did support design architect at one time) and windows so I am at a big disadvantage now. I have been able to get some scripts developed using VBscript however it seem a little backward to me, so I am thinking of using visual basic (.NET) studio 2015 to develop the required scripts however I cannot seem to find any good documentation on it.


Having an small example project would help, so does any one have an example project to let me look at?


The main problem I am having is understanding how you do the  CreateObject("ViewDraw.Application") or  GetObject(, "ViewDraw.Application") functionality in VB studio.



Brian Miller


P.S. I did contact Mentor support but they just told me that they did not support it.