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    Couple of general usage xPCB questions.....


      I have a couple of questions as I'm a little new to the xPCB family, but a long time PADS user.


      When I’m routing a trace, I often hit the edge of the screen.  Is there a to zoom into the cursor location
      and/or to make it centered on the screen while routing?  I've tried ZC (needs cooridinae)  and zooming in/out, but it leaves cursor at the edge of the screen.


      Also is there a way to change a via after it’s placed other than by its properties?  I could see a very useful feature update where
      one could change an existing VIA by highlighting the via and doing  RMB which would have a pull down menu of available via options.  Currently I think you can only do this by going through the properties menu. 





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          Hi Jeffrey


          Only can give you a idea for the VIA question. You can change the selected VIA with the Padstack Processor.

          I hope this helps you.




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            As for zooming to the Center of the screen while routing there really is no command for it. But for the Xpedition flow we work a little differently.


            While routing, as you get to the edge of the screen, you can hold and drag the Middle Mouse button to pan wherever you like. If you are using the Plow Style Dynamic, and Auto pan is enabled in the Display Control, your screen will auto pan as you reach the edges.


            As for Vias, this was answered above, but it should be noted that while interactively routing, you can RMB and change your via selections for placement of new vias.




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              Thanks for the responses.  The padstack processor seems more geared towards larger updates.  And I get about setting the via prior to placement.  I was just looking to see if there was something like an RMB pulldown (less mouse clicks) that would let one swap individual via, but it seems that going into it's properties or the padstack processor are about the only options.