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Couple of general usage xPCB questions.....

Question asked by jeff.jenkins on Jul 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2016 by jeff.jenkins

I have a couple of questions as I'm a little new to the xPCB family, but a long time PADS user.


When I’m routing a trace, I often hit the edge of the screen.  Is there a to zoom into the cursor location
and/or to make it centered on the screen while routing?  I've tried ZC (needs cooridinae)  and zooming in/out, but it leaves cursor at the edge of the screen.


Also is there a way to change a via after it’s placed other than by its properties?  I could see a very useful feature update where
one could change an existing VIA by highlighting the via and doing  RMB which would have a pull down menu of available via options.  Currently I think you can only do this by going through the properties menu.