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    ODB++ output, how to avoid warning message for invalid part number


      I'm using VX.1.2, update 5. As soon as I select 'Output - ODB++' I get a message


      WARNING: This design contains data not compatible with the ODB++

      file format. Please review the errors reported in the Message

      Window -> Check ODB++ tab before continuing.


      No other user beside me gets this message, even if using same design data. So I believe there is a setting anywhere which can solve/hide the issue.


      Checking the Message window leads me to the company logo, which is a mechanical cell only, without a symbol in schematic. A default part name 'Part No' is assigned to it, which obviously causes the issue.


      Since I'm the only one having this issue, there's limited acceptance to change the part name in the library.


      Any ideas?


      Thanks for any hints or comments.


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          Hello Wilfried,

          May be you could import directily your "compagny logo" in the job by using import méchanical models (if the logo exist as a step or igs file) rather than as a part imported in ECO mode (in this case,you need to associate the part type with a fictive symbol,as an empty boxe,defined as "ECO registered part" for ECO option)

          The mechanicals models imported don't need to be named.

          (PADS name them in background as Temp1,2,3...) you may manage them further by using the "mecanical manager" option.

          So you could in this maner suppress the messgae error (?)

          Within  PADS 3D viewer it seem to be possible to import any object ,step and igs simultaneously,in the same job without naming them

          The export in STEP,ASCII or ODB++  is running well.

          ( I'have tried to reproduce your problem within an existing board by importing objects in thoses two maners,no problems occurs ,at this time)

          Your last chance is to verify ,once again, the integrity of your logo file (some time problem occur with font text used in PCB LOGO which does'nt appears with the right width after ODB++ conversion.I'have had this problem)

          Have a good day./Bonne fin de journée.


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            Hello Vincent,

            yes, maybe I could do so. But out process is in use since years and the company does not really like to change a process which works fine since many years, just due to an issue on one single work place.

            Checking the logo may also not go into the right direction. As I wrote: the exactly same setup works without this issue on different work places (having same SW installation etc.). So the issue is not related to design or logo issue, but on a kind of setting inside my work place, my software, my ... whatever ...

            Anyway thanks for the hints.

            Best Regards


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              Meanwhile, and with the help of Mentor support (thanks!) it turned out that the root cause is related to AATK. As soon as I remove AATK from my WDIR environment variable the issue has gone. Looks like I need to dig into the different AATK related rows in scripts.ini, which had just been copied from the previous 7.9.3 installation.


              edit Aug. 10th, 2016:

              What I had do do in detail is commenting out the row


              in scripts.ini

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