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ODB++ output, how to avoid warning message for invalid part number

Question asked by wilfried.bauer on Jul 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2016 by wilfried.bauer

I'm using VX.1.2, update 5. As soon as I select 'Output - ODB++' I get a message


WARNING: This design contains data not compatible with the ODB++

file format. Please review the errors reported in the Message

Window -> Check ODB++ tab before continuing.


No other user beside me gets this message, even if using same design data. So I believe there is a setting anywhere which can solve/hide the issue.


Checking the Message window leads me to the company logo, which is a mechanical cell only, without a symbol in schematic. A default part name 'Part No' is assigned to it, which obviously causes the issue.


Since I'm the only one having this issue, there's limited acceptance to change the part name in the library.


Any ideas?


Thanks for any hints or comments.