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    Planar transformer in Pads Layout


      Hi all,

      I want to draw a planar transformer cell on PADS Layout and associate a symbol to create a Part.

      This seem to be easy but I have a problem because each coil of the transformer has the same net name at each end and I cannot attach different pads at each end of coil track.

      Is there any trick to do a planar transformer con PADS Layout?

      Best Regards,

      Javier Rey

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          Hello Javier,

          May be you could use the "Signal pin "option when defining the "pin list " of the part type since PADS do not manage same NET NAME on many pin within the CAE DECAL editor.

          In the pin list tab,you may affect many time the same net for many pins by defining them as "signal pin"

          You may have 4x pins connected to GND and 6x pins connected to VCC (GND and VCC have to exist at first in the schematic)

          Within the CAE decal editor you will affect "FREE TEXT" for pins rather than "NET NAME"

          Hope this could help you.

          Have a good day/Bonne journée.


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            Harg!.... this is not the good solution ,since PADS will make disapear the pins defined as "signal pins" in the shematic symbol....

            Try again...

            Yes !!! you may affect a NET NAME on the first pin only and use ADD FREE TEXT for the others pins.

            or, create differents GATES (gate-A,gate-B) using the same basic CAE DECAL (your coil) then,I think you could see appears several time the same netname on the same component.