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    Import Decal into Dxdesigner


      Hello, Everyone

      I am moving from netlist based design to integrated design in xDdxdesigner. I wonder if anyone knows how to import PCB decals into Central Library.

      I was using Pads Layout before. It has *.d files as well as a single library file *.pt9. Any simple way to import these files into central library? 




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          Use the Central Library Migrator to take symbols/parts from the netlist flow to the integrated flow, it can be found under the Start Menu - Data and Library Management.

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            Hello Robert,

            Thanks a lot for the hint! I have been very close to finding that spot before asking the question...

            Just a reminder to anyone who is also new to xDxDesigner and integrated flow, if you find all buttons

            are greyed out when you open "Central library Migrator VX1.1" from start menu, try to do:


            1. create an empty integrated project.  

            2. open that project in xdxdesigner and click the "xDM Library Tool" icon

            3.  click Tools --> Import PADS library ...

            4.  Select Add libraries ...  and find the .pt9 file to import decals.  There are other options to import symbol




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              The central library migratory dialog has a minor flaw that I have logged internally so it gets addressed in an upcoming release, and that is if you open it from the start menu everything is greyed out, as you have found. To make the dialog active use the File - Open central library or File -New library and attach a library '*.lmc' file.


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