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    copying circuits in logic and layout


      I am using logic/pads layout v9.5


      I have a design that has a number of functionally identical blocks. I understand that one can make a group file in a schematic that can be reused, and in Layout one can make a "Reuse". However it is not clear to me how you can duplicate a functional block across both Logic AND Layout. If I make a Reuse in Logic and insert it then ECO it to Logic it shows up as a schematic with all nets as off-page net labels. Obviously inserting a group into logic does not preserve any PCB data other than part decals.


      Am I missing something? Is this even doable in 9.5? Seems like it should, but the documentation doesn't describe this. Couldn't find a definitive answer in the forum.



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          I did it a few years ago with 9.#.  I believe the process was something like this: 

          Open 'Sch A' and copy the circuit that you want to copy in Logic to a new page and save it as a new design (Sch B).

          Use ECO's 'Compare designs' to generate a list of new new reference designators (you'll want that for later - List A).

          Use the reuse in Layout to copy your circuit.

          Use ECO's 'compare designs' against the original schematic (Sch A) and you'll get a list of the new reference designators in Layout (List B).

          You'll need to manually match the ref des from List A and List B to generate an ECO file.

          Use the ECO file you just generated to back annotate the refdes to Logic (Sch B).


          Usually that's simpler than redrawing the schematic page!

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            Hi John -


            Thanks, that makes sense. I will try it out! I was hoping to avoid manually renumbering parts in Layout doing this, because it is the type of busy work that can bog one down and contribute to one's carpal tunnel . Maybe I can figure a way to organize both schematic and layout such that an automatic renumbering would sync the layout ref designators to the schematic.

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              I believe as long as there are no gaps in your ref des numbers then both Logic and Layout will come up with the same numbers for the new components.  I doubt they will be assigned in the same order but at least that should be a simpler matching game.