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LP wizard export to central library

Question asked by radek on Aug 4, 2016
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Hi colleagues,

Is there a possibility to export decal created in LP wizard to PADS central library?


It is possible to export decal and to PADS libraries (pd9,pt9) which can be automatically added to specific library.

I am also able to import PADS libraries to central library through Central Library Migrator but it is a bit complicated and lengthy process. Also if I do not want to create all parts at ones (it can be difficult sometimes you do not know which parts you will need for a whole project or it can change during design process) I have to migrate whole PADS library to get one new component into central library.

In eXpedition there is possibility to use library services to import created part but that function is not included in PADS central library.

So is there a simple way to export decal from LP wizard directly to PADS central library?


Thak you for any information