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Selecting an object in an area

Question asked by on Aug 17, 2016
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I am new in developing automation in pcb env. using c# .Net


As part of a MCAD-ECAD interface we are developing we need to give a solution for a solder mask placement in the layout.

We get the solder mask location from the IDF file, but since the mentor IDF's importer doesn't understand this section we handle in manually.

The object we get in the layout after import of the IDF is a route obstruct and we are changing it to solder mask area using automation using "PutFabricationLayerGfx " function.

I have difficulties finding that route obstruct object using the coordinates I have from the IDF file.

I need to find a way to select an object according to specific parameters: coordinates, type(RouteObstruct,Draw Object etc.) and layer.

I can loop on all route obstruct object on a specific layer and find that object (by compering all coordinates), but I'm trying to find a function that let me query for a specif object according to the above parameters.

I would appreciate any help in that matter.