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Can't change or use new via type

Question asked by evan.w on Aug 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2019 by vica_pcb

For the board I'm currently working on, I created a new via type called "ROUTING" with the following properties:



I created the via by following the standard procedure outlined in the help file and I selected "Use Global Defaults" only changing the drill and pad size, however I am unable to use this via as it automatically gets converted to a STANDARDVIA type when placed in Layout. I can see that it is an existing via type in the properties window:



But immediately upon hitting "Apply", it goes back to a STANDARDVIA (shown below):




I thought it may be an issue with changing the properties of already-routed vias, so I unrouted the traces leading to that via but with the same result. I also thought it may be an issue with changing via types in general, so I tried routing a new trace in PADS Router using the ROUTING via type, but it wouldn't let me place it. Thinking it was an issue with the drill size being below some rule I couldn't find, I made a via called "BIGVIA" which had a slightly larger drill size and pad than STANDARDVIA but was still unable to place it or change existing vias to it.


I can't see any obvious clearance or size rules that would restrict the use of these vias, and as a cumbersome workaround I can manually change the pad stack of the vias one-by-one to be the proper size, but is there something I'm missing that renders this new via unusable?