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Integrated flow parts creation when Access Database already created

Question asked by on Aug 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by robert_davies

I am building my first libraries for my first Pads design. I chose to with integrated flow because this is direction that Mentor seems to be taking Pads in the future. I bypassed netlist flow in its entirety since I don't need two ways to do things.


I have created a central library in which I have created my symbols and decals. I have created an Access database in which I have created a couple dozen tables with several hundred parts. This was not as bad as it sounds as I imported parts from our company PDM system so that part currently in our system are in my xDx databook. I added fields for symbol, decal, value, part number, part name, and part label. I configured the xDx Databook to map parametric data appropriately for our design process.all of this seemed pretty straight forward as I had done a similar process at a previous company using Orcad CIS and Allegro.


Then I went through each symbol and and directly assigned pin number in the symbol library. This was tedious, but it is complete now.. I am able to import the parametric data from the databook into the schematic ant it all looks good until run packager. Then I get an error such as:


There is no Part Number: 5031821852 in the Parts
DataBase for symbols with Part Name: USDNORM8CKTE and Part Label: 5031821852.
[Please add the Part Number to the PDB either directly
or by having the project file point to a PDB that contains it.]


I get an error specific to every part in my databook. I read a previous post that talks about using migrator and the library tools to get from existing parts to a new access database. I need to go the other direction. I need to go from database to parts library. Is there a way to do this without manually creating hundreds of parts in the xDM library tool?


I assumed that individual parts were not needed in the central library as they were fully defined in the access database. I went back to the PADSVX_ODA_Starter_Libraries aand I found that they do have parts defined in the CL and in the DataBook database. What is the purpose of having parts defined in both places?


Thanks, Russ Troxel