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Integrated flow: packager errors/warnings

Question asked by on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by robert_davies

I have been creating parts in the central library to correct the missing parts error from that packager that I asked about n a previous question topic. ( Integrated flow parts creation when Access Database already created ). I have created about one half of the parts in my design and I have exchanged an error for about 6 warnings on each part. An exacmple of one error on one part is:



Visit message location WARNING: Block Top Level!Processor, Page 1, Symbol $1I4585:

Symbol / PartsDB property mismatch:
Resolved PartNumber = ERJ-2GE0R00X

Symbol Property: Part Label = 0.0R
PartsDB Property: Part Label =

The property value on this symbol has not been changed.
Use the 'Update PDB Properties on symbol' option on the Packager menu

or use Device Replace to change the schematic symbol in order to
update the schematic to the PartsDB value as limited by the precision

specified in the Notation Settings dialog. Be sure that the
precision specified in the Notation Settings dialog is sufficient to

define the value exactly or this warning will continue.

I found previous topics concerning these warnings that say I needed to 'uncheck' the "Update PDB Properties On Symbol" selection on the packager dialog, and verify the check box for "place property in schematic when Packager or Place Device is used" is unchecked. It is not possible to 'uncheck' Part Number, Part Label, or Part Name in this dialog so I did not make a change here.


Packer reports "The following properties were checked off in the Property Definition Editor:
"Part Label"
"Part Number"
"Part Name"" I assume that Geometry.Height and Value have no affect on these warnings.


I have re-run the packager (several times) and receive 797 warnings. My general rule is that warnings are "bad", and I need to eliminate them by determining and correcting the underlying cause. I still have 97 parts to create in my CL, but as it could be due to an wrror in my part creation process, I want to understand it now before I continue and propagate an unknown error.


Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks, Russ Troxel