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    Error - Pin count in a cell is different than in the referencing part


      I imported an Altium project to Xpedition xDX Design. Both schematic and layout were imported correctly. However, i am having trouble to import parts into central libraries. In Altium, the pin count in symbol doesn't need to match pin count in footprint. One example, there are four mounting pins in a USB connector and you don't need to add those mounting pins into symbols. When i imported this kind of components into central libraries, i always received this error.

      2016-09-09 16_00_44-Library Services.png

      Here is what i tried to fix it.

      1. Deleted these parts from central libraries.
      2. Modified the symbol (added mounting pins)
      3. Still failed to copy original cell from PCB project to central libraries.


      Any thoughts?



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          I experienced exactly the same problem.

          The only solution I found is:

          - make copy of the footprint

          - remove/add pins

          - add new cell name to the PDB

          You can also make copy of the symbol, add pins and then add new symbol to the PDB but then pin assignment will be deleted and you would have to assign them manually.

          You cannot modify the cell or symbol while it is referenced in PDB. You cannot simply add to the PDB another symbol with missing pins - if you do so you will loose pin assignment.

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