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FloTherm XT - New PC assembly - fastest simulations

Question asked by carlos-m-monica on Sep 29, 2016

Hi everyone,


We recently purchase Flotherm XT to start simulations of our boards. Very complex boards, with complex enclosures, heat sinks etc.


When we first tried a Flotherm demo, it took us 3 days for it to solve one of our boards on a 16core CPU overclocked (dont remember the Ghz)  and 64gb of Ram.


We are now searching for a better PC, but i would like to now if things will be faster with a Tesla or Quadro GPU or Intel Xeon i recall from older versions,we could only use CPU threads not GPU.


Please make suggestion of a good PC (motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM etc) for fastest simulation in complex environments?


Thanks for your help.