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    Manage Central Library in xDxDesigner with Integrated flow 


      Hello Everyone,


      I recently switched to integrated flow with the xDxDesigner and Pads Layout  (VX1.1). The integrated flow indeed provides lots of convenience

      by centrally manage all symbols, decals and parts in a common library. It is also very nice to have the constraint manager to set all rules and quickly

      create differential pairs. However, it does take more time to get familiar with the management of the library: import symbols, decals; manage partition;

      update symbols and decals within the library and inside individual design. I am currently having some troubles with the following several tasks. I

      wonder if anyone would be helpful to give some hints


      1.  Import individual decal: it seems to be easy to import individual logic symbol using the "xDM library tools". How should I import individual

      decal file (xxx.d) to one of the partitions in the central library? Right now, I can only use  "Central Library Migrator" to import a whole bunch of

      decals. But that also creates a new partition and all parts and symbols are also imported.


      2. Remove association of decals with parts:  As can be seen in the follow snapshot of the central library. There are two decals

      associated with the same parts. Since they are identical, I wanted to remove the association of one duplicate then delete the duplicated

      decal to avoid confusion. However, this is not possible without deleting the part.  Any hint to work around this problem since I have lots

      of parts with similar situations to work with.



      3. Delete multiple symbols and parts. Right now, I have to right click on each symbol to delete it. If I have many unused, obsolete

      parts, symbols, decals to be removed. Any way to select all of them and delete them at once?


      4. Update Decals in the central library. Sometimes, I would like to modify decals using the "xDM library tools" and then would like to

      propagate to the PCB layout. propagate the change to the PCB layout. However, I do not find any option in the PADS layout tool to"update decal from the library".

      I guess this has something to do with the update of the local library. I went to "Setup"-->"Project Integration"  and tried to rebuild the local library.

      It usually does not work out of the way. Sometimes even broke the connectivity and requires repackaging of many parts. The workaround

      I have used is to delete the old part and create a brand new part with the modified decal and a different part name. I wonder what is the easiest

      way of propagating changes between the central library and the layout within one PCB project.


      Sorry for these lengthy questions. However, I do believe any discussion on these issues will save a significant amount of time for many others who

      moved to integrated flow.



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          Hi Liang,

          I can help with a couple of your questions.  2 and 3 are maybe's...


          1.) Open 2 layouts, layout 1 should have the decal you want to move to your central library, layout 2 should be tied to a project that uses your central library.  Place layout 2 in eco mode, in layout 1 highlight your decal, right click and copy the decal, in layout 2 paste the decal into the layout.  In layout 2 right click on the decal and click save to library and you will be prompted to save the part and the decal and be able to choose which partitions each of them should go to.  You can also skip importing the part and only import the decal if that is all you need.


          2.) Do this at your own risk try this on a backup of your library first!  Inside of the central library there is a folder called PADSLibs which contains all of your library partitions in a Pads Logic netlist flow format.  You can open Pads layout in netlist flow select File > Library... and map those libraries and edit them deleting the extra decals.  Next, delete the SysIndex.cbf file from your central library folder, open a project that uses your central library and open xDM Library Tools, your library should start re-indexing itself.  Once that is finished if everything goes ok your parts should list only the decal that remains.


          3.) Basically the same method as 2, the only difference is that any xDx symbols you want to delete can be done directly through Windows Explorer in your SymbolLibs folder within your central library.


          4.) In your layout right click on the decal you want to update and Edit Decal, once the decal is open in the decal editor click on File > Open Decal, you will get a prompt asking if you are sure that you want to discard the decal loaded from the board, click yes.  You can then browse for the updated library version of your decal, click ok then close the decal editor, layout will ask if you want to replace just the selected decal or all parts that use that decal, replace them all and you should be good to go.



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            Hello Travis,

            Thanks a lot for sharing the trick! 

            Regarding your reply to my first question, that's exact what I figured out as a walk around: work reversely from

            pad layout instead of from the central library. I like the idea of central library management. However, it seems to me,


            I like the idea of central library management. However, it seems to me, the current central library acts more or less like a symbolic link system holding all the parts, symbol, decal information in one place while the real decal and symbol files are still scattered around into a few folders. These symbol files even copied to the local project directory. This is sometimes confusing when one updates from various places (project schematic, layout or central library manager). My personal's opinion is that it would be more convenient for the central library manager to take a higher level of control of everything so that one only needs to deal with it for any update, copy, delete and modification rather than looking at different places.


            I have just tried out the fourth trick you provided and that is neat! I will post my findings later after I have tried with the solution for  2),3).



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              I have one followup question for Question #1 from the OP. I would also like to import individual decal (*.d) into central library. However, I didn't have much luck by following the method of "copy - paste - save to library". What happened is in layout 1, I didn't see an option of "copy the decal", even in ECO mode.Did I miss something here?




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                Use Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.  The commands are also accessible from the Edit menu.



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                  Hi Travis,


                  Thanks for getting back to me. I just realized I have a different requirement than the OP: I need to import the decal in PADS Std to central library in PADS Pro, as cell, while the OP only needed to get it done within PADS Std. It is my understanding decal and cell are not directly compatible. In this case, after copying the decal, I was unable to paste it in PADS Pro layout.


                  But after talking with Mentor support over the phone, I found out that my question could be done by two steps: 1) convert decal to central library in PADS Std, as the OP asked, and 2) export the partition which has the particular decal in central library to EDX, and import that in the central library for PADS Pro. Hope it would help someone like me.