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Hyperlynx differential impedance calculation mistake

Question asked by vova2211 on Oct 10, 2016
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I'm simulating an exported from Altium designer 16.1 Rigid Flex PCB board, which contains suppose to be 100 ohm diff pairs  . The Hyperlink calculates its Zdiff as 82 ohm for some reason .

1. The designed PCB with correct PCB stack-up and Diff pare parameters where set in the Altium .

2. Exported as HYP file from Altium and opened in Hyperlynx V9.4 .  All passed well, with correct traces drawing and layers stack-up . The ref / signal planes were selected .

3. The selected diff traces where extracted from BoardSim to LineSim , in order to review a transmission lines topology and impedance.

Somehow, the calculated by Hyperlynx differential embedded microistrip impedance is 82.1 ohm, while it suppose to be 100 ohm according to its layers stack-up and Er.

Attachment 1.jpg - screen of LineSim with all the related  geometric parameters of transmission line with a wrong calculated Zdiff.

Attachment 2.jpg - the correct calculated Zdiff by two known impedance calculators using the same trace and stack-up parameters.

Where is my mistake ?