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Getting started with automation

Question asked by on Oct 19, 2016
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I am a complete noob with automation in the Xpedition flow and am looking for some guidance.

I have written quite a bit of automation years back in the old Board Station flow and when we went to the Expedition flow back in 2012 we decided to use it "out of the box".

Of course there is some things which have risen which lend itself to automation and I think it is time to bite the bullet write some automation scripts to address these "things".

I apologize for questions I'm about to ask, but after reading the online documentation and  the forums for the last day I feel you folks may be able to get me up and running quicker.


Baby steps and silly questions first:

A simple "hello world" script, How do I run it?

A GUI script, how do I automatically load it and run it?


My goal it to write a script which runs in DxDesigner and takes all the sections of a non-homogeneous FPGA symbol and creates a csv text report of the all the pins on the device and grabs the pin name, pin number, and optionally the net name attached to the pin..


Any recommendations as to, Where do I start? sample code, pitfalls will be greatly appreciated.