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Problem when annotate component from xDxDatabook

Question asked by nicola.fiorucci on Oct 24, 2016

I have a CAPAITORS table in my database that contains many types of capacitor (ceramic, electrolitic, tantalum, safety, ecc..). there also many field in this table that represents electrical propertiers of the capacitor. All of this filed (properties) are set as "Annotate" in the xDxDatabook configuration. Someone belongs to ceramic capacitors (e.g. DC_Volatge) someone belongs to electrolitic capacitors (e.g. ESR) ecc.. For example the ESR field is empty for ceramic capacitors. When i add a ceramic capacitor in the schematic for example (see picture below) the ESR properties is not annotate. I think because the field is empty for this type of capacitors even if marked as "Annotate"

If i want to replace this ceramic capacitors with another ceramic capacitors i select the component in the schematic, i select the new capacitor in the xDxDatabook and click on "Annotate properties to Selected Components". the result is that all properties are now annotate to the component even those are empty. See picture below. There are many properties that are empty (AC_VOLTAGE, ESR, ecc..).

I know that all properties are marked as "Annotate" in the xDxDatabook configuration but why when i insert the component the first time this properties are not annotate?