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xDX FPGA IOPT workflow in VX.2

Question asked by lanelone on Nov 2, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by lanelone

There are two ways how to use the IOPT for FPGAs.  Either generate all symbols in the IOPT tool and add it to schematic or use symbols created in Library Tools (Symbol Editor or FPGA part wizard) and import it to the IOPT. I would like to slightly modify symbols for schematic. Generated symbols are too large, they do not even fit to A3 schematic sheets in some cases. Also the embedded symbol editor in the IOPT is very limited compared to fully fledged xDX Symbol Editor if you want to add properties.  In the VX.2 symbols are automatically converted to a compound symbol after editing, but there compound symbols are not recognized by the IOPT ( logic error in symbol file - unrecognized construction at line .... errors).

Is it possible to edit symbols in xDX Symbol Editor (rearrange pins, switch pin orientation, etc.) and still be able to to optimize FPGA pinout in the IOPT?