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Layout crashes when swithing to router.

Question asked by Peter_Karlsen on Nov 7, 2016
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I have a design file that crashes Layout, when I perform a switch to Router.

The message in the Router status says database integrity test completed, no integrity problems found.

The save button and several other functions are greyed out and unavailable. If I click on the Layout window it has an pop-up message that says Fatal runtime error. Closing program.

I tried loading my backup files. I have 9 files made with 5 minute interval. Every single one of the backup files has the same behaviour. They crash Layout when doing a switch to Router. If I try to save the file in Router it crashed too. (The save button becomes active when Layout has crashed) 


I tried opening the files in Router it says that the design is empty.


Is there a way to fix my design files?


I use Layout VX1.2


A similar thing happened once before. I think I used PADS 9.5 or something like that at the time.

Do anyone know what causes this corruption of the design files?