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    How to verify the worst signal which re-timer can handle ?


      Hi all,

      I need to verify the application which is used DS110DF111 re-timer. The detail is below:

      The connection between CPU's XFI (TX) and DS110DF111 re-timer (RX)

      CPU's XFI (TX) ==>Transmission line on PCB==> SlimSAS connector ==>SlimSAS Cable (350mm)==> SlimSAS connector ==> Transmission line on PCB ==> DS110DF111 (RX).

      To verify that re-timer can handle above design, I had done below:

      I export the transmission line to free-form on Hyperlynx, connect to S-parameter model of SlimSAS connector and cable to extract S-parameter of the whole channel which is described above. And then, I read the insertion loss and return loss to determine that re-timer can handle the signal on the whole channel.

      Is this method correct ? If not, please help to show the other method? IBIS-AMI analysis can help in this design ?

      Thanks all.