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    Adding connector in DxDesigner


      in the xDX Databook under the part category I place all pins of connector with 25 pins and assign them same Ref Designator to all pins but how to assign pin numbers ? I am not able to run Forward Annotation under Project Integration. Any idea how to add such connector ?

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          I asume that you have correctly mapped the pin numbers to the cell and symbol in the library.




          Place the symbol by using the green arrow with the + sing in front. "Add new component with all properties"

          The pin numbers will be mapped to the first slot. The next symbol you place will be mapped to the next slot, and so on.



          When you place the symbol using the arrow with the + and - sign in front. only the common properties will be added.




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            There is ODBC error 1400 but in CL view all parts are visible. It is possible to place a component from CL view but then it has error or packaging when running forward annotation in xpcb layout. 


            ODBC error 1400.png

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              You need to set up the ODBC connection for the HLA library that you are using - it should have been configured automatically when you installed HLA. If you hacen't installed HLA but just found the library this will explain the error.

              If you place a part from the CL View Parts tab you can still assign the pins (slots) using the + sign to exapnd the part, but you may not get all of the properties required to successfully package the part using this method.

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                Kindly let me know how to set up ODBC connection for HLA library. I already added the following central library when I created the project. This library can be can be seen under Setup => Settings =>  Project => Central Library Path



                E:\Program_Files\X-ENTPVX.1.1_ESDM.ix64\EEVX.1.1\SDD_HOME\standard\templates\hyperlynx analog\Central Library\HLASym_CentralLibrary\HLA_CentralLibrary.lmc



                I also look at this library separately using the tool Start => xDM Library Tools VX.1.1. The library has enough parts consisting of cells and symbols but how to setup ODBC connection for this HLA library.


                Central Library.png

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                  Use the ODBC configurator, if using a 32-bit version of Mentor tools this is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe. Choose the Microsoft Access driver and set the alias s suggested in the error message: DxDatabook HLA Database. Then browse to the access database it is something like DxSim_HLA.mdb but I don't recall th exact name. If you cannot find it then look in the help files installed with the product or try re-installing the HLA product.

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                    Now it works even with placing parts from CL view in Dx Databook. It need to add required properties for example Ref Designator etc. The problem in packaging was due to a strange symbol on the bottom left of Schematic when I change the size to F for next sheet in Schematic Editor.