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Flattening and Merging all layers

Question asked by on Dec 9, 2016

Hi, I am trying to flatten and merge.

I have a working script, but it does not respect the data of the layer ("LAYER" "datatype"). It merges say METAL1 FILL with METAL1 DRAWING.

Could you help me in figuring this out?


My Script so far:

#!/usr/bin/env tcl

## assign the input

set inGds [lindex $argv 0]

## open the layout

set layoutIn [layout create $inGds]

## flatten the layout by copying to a new variable

layout copy $layoutIn outLayout

## assign the outLayout handle to a variable

set out outLayout

## replace the file with flatten layout

$out gdsout $inGds

## get all the layers and merge them

set layoutIn [layout create $inGds]

foreach ii [$layoutIn layers] {

  puts $ii

  $layoutIn create layer 65000

  $layoutIn OR $ii 65000 65000.1

  $layoutIn delete layer $ii

  $layoutIn COPY 65000.1 $ii

  $layoutIn delete layer 65000.1