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Connectivity Info (net name) from layout spice netlist (generated by calibre LVS)

Question asked by anandmohancec on Jan 6, 2017
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I have a layout which has some device with respect to schematic and also some dummy devices that are not in schematic.

I have generated the spice netlist for layout by running LVS.

I am making a skill program and For the input, I need the connectivity information of all the devices.


The issue is,

        All the dummy devices has no information about the terminal name (net name) based on the connectivity.

But all the active devices has the connectivity information in the order of DGSB (Drain Gate Source Bulk).


Please tell me how to get the connectivity information from the spice netlist ?? or

Is there any switch that I need to enable while running calibre LVS?


Thanks in advance