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Using IMGCPCBIDFImport shorts nets

Question asked by on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by kelli.hosier


I'm developing an interface between ProE and xPCB in C#.

I've encountered a problem which I can't figured out why it happens???

When I import an IDF file using the dialog box from the XPCB every thing is ok.


When I'm trying to do the same thing using automation I get an unexpected result as shown in the pictures attached.


circuit before automation


circuit after automation



The code that I'm using for automation is:


public static LogResult ImportIDF(MGCPCB.Document pcbDoc, string emnIDFPath)



            IMGCPCBIDFImport IDFImport = pcbDoc.IDFImport;

            IDFImport.BoardFile = Path.ChangeExtension(emnIDFPath, ".emn");

            IDFImport.CreateMissingMountingHoles = true;

            IDFImport.NoToolAssignmentToContours = true;

            IDFImport.UpdateComponentPlacementStatus = true;

            IDFImport.ForceUpdateOfFixedMCADComponents = true;

            IDFImport.ReplaceRouteObstructs = true;

            IDFImport.MapContoursToSlotHoleMountingHole = true;

            IDFImport.MapOtherOutlinesToUserLayers = true;

            IDFImport.ImportMechanicalComponent = false;


           return LogHandler.CheckLog(pcbDoc, LogName.IDFImport, IDFImport.Errors);




Anyone has any idea why this happens?


There is another thing concerning this action which I was hopping to get answer to.

According to the documentation the IDFImport object doesn't cover all the options available in the dialog box.

The option in the dialog box which are not accessible from the object are:

  • Replace only external placement obstructs
  • Map tooling hole to mounting hole
  • Process Other cutouts


Thanks in advance,