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    Assembly Top/Bottom Mounting Hole Circles?


      Hi yall


      I am having no luck getting my mounting hole components to show an assembly bottom circle where the mounting hole is (for the assembly drawing).


      I have built into the PCB decal a 3 mil wide assembly top and assembly bottom circle shape the same size as the mounting hole.


      On the assembly top, these circles get photoplotted in gerbers on the assembly top.  But, on the bottom, they do NOT get photoplotted.  There is nothing showing the mounting hole location on the assembly bottom.  The gerber layers in CAM is setup exactly the same (except for bottom vs top).


      I can add an assembly bottom PAD to the padstack, then photoplot pads on assembly bottom and they will show up on the assembly bottom, but then it is a filled in pad, and I need a circle shape showing the mounting hole on the assembly layers.


      Why is it photoplotting the assembly top mounting hole circles just fine, but not the assembly bottom circles, when both exist in the padstack, and both are being pointed to in the gerber setup the same exact way?


      How do yall show the mounting holes on the assembly top and bottom in your gerbers?  I need those mounting hole circles to show in gerbers, as I DXF the assembly gerbers out and drop them into an autocad drawing to make the real assembly drawing




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          Here’s my guess. Circles, lines and shapes in a decal are outlines in cam settings. Your mounting holes are probably on top layer. It
          would make sense that top outlines are turned on for top assembly layer but not the bottom. I have recently started working with connectors that overhang the board edge. I draw full outline on top assembly layer and partial on bottom assembly layer. In gerber file I need to show outlines for top and bottom mounted components for these to show up correctly.

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            I already had outlines turned on for both top assembly and bottom assembly in the CAM setup, see screenshot.  This is the way both top and bottom assembly was set, so why are the assembly bottom 3 mil circles inside the mounting hole decal itself not photo plotting?  By the way, I solved the problem for the moment by adding the assembly bottom 3 mil circles on the PCB itself (i.e. NOT in the mounting hole decal).  I really don't like doing it this way for obvious reasons, but it does photo plot that way.  Why is it not working when the assembly bottom 3 mil circles are inside the mounting hole decal though?



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              I see it is just what I thought. You have outlines turned on for layer “Assembly Drawing Bottom”. But on the left you are only showing
              bottom mounted component outlines for this plot. Turn on the top mounted component outlines and I’m sure you will see your circles.