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Having difficulties on designing Micro-USB connector in PADS

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2017
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Do anybody has experience on making such Micro-USB connector decal/footprint in PADS ? I am talking about similar parts like ZX62D-B-5P8. I have managed to download this part from a website, but unable to use it in my design.


The downloaded design file says when you open in PADS layout,

Bad drawing width size 0 CLOSED 9 0 1 -1

Let me explain you in detail, I am trying to design like




Until now, I manage to design like




  1. Dont you think, it needs "keepout" areas?
  2. How to draw LAND pads inside pad-stakes area?
  3. Let me know about dimensioning toolbar application here.

Hope you will help me.