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Unable to get license for Pads Logic 9.3

Question asked by jlovell5804 on Feb 13, 2017



Awhile back you helped me with my 9.4 installation and
why my PADS logic did not install with my current license. This was due to an
invalid license because of the date, see your reply below. But now I had to re-install my 9.3 PADS
Logic version, which had been working before, but now it does not recognize the
current license. The 9.3 PADS layout still opens and runs fine, just the logic.
My 9.3 has a date of June 21, 2011 and the license, see below, has a date of
2011.03. This should still be valid, correct? You mentioned from our earlier conversation, "will run PADS9.3 or older".


Also, I noticed my current license expires in June 30
of 2017, see attached. How do I get a later perpetual license for my 9.X
installations. Can you supply me with a new perpetual
license? I attached my license info to my e-mail I sent to you yesterday.


As you know I retired a couple of years ago but I still
do legacy work for some of my old customers which still use 9.X software, so I
no longer have customer support and hoping you can help me


Thank you.

Jim Lovell


From: Audova, Andrew
Sent: Friday, April 18, 2014 3:38
Cc: Jackson,
Subject: Licenses for Technitron, site

Hi Jim,




As mentioned in our conversation on the Mentor Communities
site (,
I wanted to contact you directly regarding your license file and support. I’ve
also copied Nicole Jackson who is your local Support Sales Rep.




I’ve attached your most current license file. If you look at
the bottom of the file you will see a comments section where it shows the
(perpetual) products that you own. Part number 214980 has licenses for PADS
Layout/Router and with version 2012.030 (will run PADS9.4.1), but 240146 has the
licenses for PADS Logic/DxDesigner with only version 2011.03 (will run PADS9.3
or older). So, it looks like support was declined on the PADS Logic/DxD a year
prior to the PADS Layout/Router.




If this doesn’t sound right, or you need more clarification,
please let us know.