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    can not delete tracethat is fix and lock


      Hi All

      in expedition 2.1 i have trace that can not be deleted

      it say can not unlock fix object and can not unfix loced objects

      :so i tried to run script that work for me at the past


      but i got :


      can someone help with it


      regards Moshe Frid

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          I think I have had the same problem. I had an item that was locked (possibly fixed and locked) but I could not turn off locked or fixed...


          I have made a simplified version of the script which does not check lCurrParrent or lCurrComponent

          Also I set any trace locked to unlocked, as in my design I had not been using locked (just fixed)

          At line 83:

            dim selFlags

          '    selFlags = epcbSelectLocked Or epcbSelectFixed

              selFlags = epcbSelectLocked

              Set lObjs = docObj.Traces(selFlags)



              ' Loop through list

              For Each lCurr in lObjs

                  ' If trace isn't part of something else, clear fix/lock flag, then set

                  ' to lock

            nTrcTot = nTrcTot+1

          '        If lCurr.Parent Is Nothing and lCurr.Component Is Nothing Then

                      lCurr.Anchor = epcbAnchorNone

          '            lCurr.Anchor = epcbAnchorLocked


          '        End If



          This may not be safe ... perhaps Mentor could comment?


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            Response from Mentor... :-)

            @Moshe - It appears that you had a licensing problem, probably running an older version of the script, or double-clicking it instead of dropping it on Expedition. Since that was back back in March, hopefully you were able to figure it out.


            @ Bill - You're asking about the same script. Apparently, you've made some changes and want to know if it is “safe.” The script was provided as-is with the software. If you need to change it to fix your specific requirements, you are free to do so.